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Dumb Question?


Aug 3, 2007
Ok, so maybe the only dumb question is the one not asked. LOL, so I was thinking about putting one of those black housing pieces in the tank-the one that hides all the internal workings of the tank. What the heck is this thing called? I have been trying to find out if you can buy one separately or make one--it seems like this would be a good option to help octo proof a tank. So, any help I could get would be great. Thanks!
No, its just blocks the stuff inside from sight. More like for asthetic reasons but in this case I think it could be used to also help keep the octo away from the filters and such as long as it goes top to bottom.
Sure sounds like an internal overflow box. Same concept anyway. I've been thinking about using a piece of plexiglass I have sitting around that would fit perfectly into my tank to section off a refugium area and do the same thing you're talking about.

I found a website that custom builds them for cheap, any size/shape, but it looked old and out of date. I might still have the link my favorites at home. I'll look and send it to you if I find it.

Marc builds stuff like that for people: www.melevsreef.com
Are you thinking of the kind of black box you see at the back of a nano cube? If so, it is a built in sump. Some of the older style glass tanks used to be plumbed this way as well (we acquired such a tank and my son uses it) before external sumps were thought about. The one on my son's tank is at one end rather than at the back and works remarkably well but he does not house an octopus :wink:
Our lfs sells those, they are meant for use as an overflow box, as mentioned above. Typically, they are siliconed in place prior to putting water in the tank, though you might be able to epoxy putty it in whatever spot you want by using a marine grade epoxy...the problem is, it will most likely be the first place your octopus climbs into, and you might not see it as much. Ocotpus's love those overflows...
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