Does this sound right to you?

Sep 10, 2006
I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but.
I was parusing the "big auction" web page and found this listing.

"You are bidding on 3 half doller sized live octopuses. These are common octopus Octopus vulgaris. Class; Cephalopda Order; Octopoda.

These guys have been coming out of the live rock I collect at work. They are hardy eaters and will be the size of a baseball in a year. These octopus make a great addition to any tank, however they would go best in a small nano type tank with one or two rocks in it.

I am also sending 10 red cling crabs Mithrax forceps and 10 narises snails for food. They will also clean up your tank. This is several months worth or food. The octopuses also eat frozen fish and shrimp as well as live gold fish, live shrimp, snails and crabs."

I don't know about his Vulgaris,but my "Vigo" would NOT be a great addition to ANY tank,wouldn't last two weeks in a nano tank, and would eat ALL those crabs in about two days. Im not too sure bout the snails.

I only hope that all the people that are bidding on them know more than the seller. Anyone else have any thoughts bout this?
Sep 9, 2006
Afraid not. Its real. Someone report him ASAP. Heres what I think of this.

"These octopus make a great addition to any tank"? Yeah, I'd bet they'd do great in my 45 gallon reef tank with my yellow tang, maroon clowns, fusi goby, hermits, and electric scallop!

"When they get older they will devolpe blue rings around there eyes"
That's a bimac then.

"however they would go best in a small nano type tank with one or two rocks in it"
I think they might need A LITTLE MORE THAN THAT. I would say oh, at least 90 gallons more

And of course, he gives no info about things like salinity, temp, the fact that a protein skimmer is ALMOST REQUIRED

And finally, to end my rant
"You are bidding on 3 half doller sized live octopuses"
3? And I suppose he says to put them all in the same tank. Yeah, they'll do fine! They'll be great friends! Friends that eat eachother!YAY!


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Mar 17, 2003
They are from Tampa, so they are definitely not bimacs. The common octopus in LR from Tampa is O. mercatoris. They would be about this size in the late fall and will breed next spring. Theywill not last more than another six months.

Sep 10, 2006
I'm glad to see that people are taking action on this. I've just finished filing a report myself. The "buyer" emailed me and asked me if I wanted to purchase the exact same items for 129.99!!!! I asked him just how many he had since he ALREADY has another auction up 3 MORE!!!

Somebody please tell me that there's something more we can do!!!
Oct 7, 2004
I pity whoever buys it and find a very nasty suprise that their tank can't handle the poor octo...which most possibly leads to the octo escaping and drying up on the pavement or eaten by tankmates...or dying from less than optimum water perimeters due to the octo itself. D: Not good.