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does this sound like a good setup?

Mike D

Pygmy Octopus
Aug 1, 2004
i have a 75 gallon tank that i would like to trun into an octo tank....

so i am thinking about running two Marineland Emperor 400 Filter Systems they have the bio wheels. already have one
Protien skimmer
live rock
Sand as a substrate
power heads for water movement

Would this work? and what is the best way to make the cage escape proof when using hang on style filters?
I'm not familiar with that filter, but some with biowheels I've seen could allow the octopus to become entangled, if I'm not mistaken. Better check it out.

The reason that most of us prefer sumps is the ease of securing the tank, since there's nothing (or very little) hanging on. You will need to cover the top and allow room for all your equipment, which probably means using a lot of duct tape. Some our our octo keepers do have equipment that hangs off the side, so maybe they can give you some tips.


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