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Do you Use a Chiller

no chiler, but i live in san francisco

If the temp is hot and my water is above 80, I use a fan to blow across the water in the sump. On a volume of about 75 gallons of water, this fan can drop the temp 3-5 degrees. Youll get much more evaporation though, but thats what the auto-top off is for..
Paradox said:
If the temp is hot and my water is above 80...
Is that to say 80 degrees is as high as you will let it go? That 80 is (marginally) OK, but 81 is not?

I thought there was this great taboo about going over 76 degrees? If bimacs come from California, they are certainly used to less that 80 degrees. Not picking a fight here, just need to know the limits. The only thing stopping me from "going octo" is my assumed need for a chiller.
Paradox has tropical cuttlefish in his tanks so 80 is fine as a top end...

It's true that bimaculoides are not tropical and I wouldn't like then to get over the mid 70s F
Im gonna use a chiller - hopefully keeping the tank at around 10-12 centigade, which is around 50-55 I think. But this is for a cold water species. I think the unit is about 300W, 1/2 Hp (Well, this is what I want to get) :biggrin2:
We have to chill the whole house...you should see the summer power bills.
No, I don't use one...but the water stays in the high 70's.
heh, probably similar to our winter heating bills?

cold and windy today :frown:
yes, the reason im asking this, is because in the past we have had to keep our house at 70 degree's in or der to keep the tanks at around 78 due to the lighting. and as you can imagine when its 110 outside in the texas heat, those electricty bills arnt fun.
Being in Texas too, I have to do the same thing to lower the water temperature. I also ran the skimmer only at night, when it's cooler and used a fan on the sump. Probably it makes more sense to keep a tropical ceph or get a chiller!


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