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Desperate Need!


Nov 16, 2006
I am in dire need of shrimp. I am looking for shrimp (prefer salt water) in the 1 inch range. little bigger would be nice. I would like at least 500, but will take what i can get. does anyone know where I can get them? (ASAP!!!!)
-does the aquaculturestore always have them in stock? I found a couple other places before, but when I called they were out of stock!
Aquaculture store probably got from George. Frequently being out of stock was one of the reasons I closed my shop... and then when it was available, I really was too busy with my "normal life" to adequately tend to customer demand.

Shoot me an email at [email protected] --- in the past I've had other shrimp providers reach out to me. I'll take a look this morning and will provide you with their contact info; perhaps they can help.
The Aquaculture Store catches its own shrimp and crabs - or by now they may be breeding them. I never found them out of stock.

Check for your local Ethnic grocery store...ours in Phoenix (yeah, chinatown if arizona, go figure) usually has live small prawns and shrimp...I know, not perfect, but good in a pinch. Worst case, go to your LFS and buy some new live rock or some hermit crabs.
FloridaPets almost always can get them. They are brackish water shrimp that I keep in full saltwater (no acclimation) for my lion fish. I buy them 500 at a time and they (shelley/John) will usually give you a discount for that volume if you call and ask. Unfortunately, you may be too far for the 2 day ship rate but you can ask.

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