• Looking to buy a cephalopod? Check out Tomh's Cephs Forum, and this post in particular shares important info about our policies as it relates to responsible ceph-keeping.

Desperately needed answer

May 2, 2021
I am obsessed with octopus and I was wondering where I could get a octopus bimaculoides I have been searching everywhere and no answer so where can I get a octopus bimaculoides (bimac octopus) in New Jersey
Respectfully - based on your questions and comments, you are not ready to keep an octopus -- but you're in the right place to learn. Have a read through our Cephalopod Journals forum, and Octopus Care. Also try our Search feature for more research.

Maybe consider starting with a reef tank (live rock) and see how you like it. If you're serious about keeping an octopus in the future, you should consider a 55 gallon tank or more. Good luck on your research!
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