[Octopus]: DaVinci - O. hummelincki

Teacher Kim

Sep 7, 2012
So I ordered a new octopus last night! It's coming from Aquatic Connection Live in Florida. They said it is a local atlantic species and is maybe 3 inches long. They have had it (them) for a few weeks and it is eating pieces of squid and silversides right now. From description it sounds like the arms are not as long as Orange's were when compared to it mantel.

They will email me when it ships, either today or tomorrow. Notice that I named this one myself!! LOL!! I figure the kids and I can at least take turns when naming them!! :smile:
Thats great. I wish I would have had a teacher like you when I was in school. It wouldnt have taken so many years to get in to octos. If the arms are short it might be a merc. From what Dwhatly says they are getting to be pretty common again. I have one and I must say he/she is really cool but stay small and hide during the day. Sure would be nice for you if it was a Vulgaris. I know some crabbers so if this one doesnt work out for you let me know and I could have one shipped. I talked to Dwhatly about doing this and as long as no money exchanges there shouldnt be any laws broken. I would just have you pay for shipping on your end. Its just a thought. Anyway enjoy your new octo.
I am hoping she is planting ideas for some budding marine biologists :biggrin2:.

I wish I felt better about DaVinci's supplier but maybe they have changed their ways.
Yea, I didn't recognize them as a supplier I've seen on this site. I mentioned their name on purpose! Anything I should know before it arrives?? I did call and talk to someone on the phone who seemed knowledgable and when I emailed them with more questions, they did reply quickly. I figured I'd be taking a chance on what species it is, but I'm actually getting used to that! It will be arriving tomorrow morning by 10:30 a.m. I will take pics and post right away so we can try and figure out what it is! Also, it's being shipped overnight so I hope that helps keep it in good shape. We will see what happens...

It's nice to meet you sirreal and thanks for the great offer to help!! I will definitely be in touch with you for our next one! We have now started marking on our world map where different octopus species come from! We are also comparing their size, looks, etc... It's pretty cool how much the kids really love the octopuses!! I do think we have some future marine biologists here!!

Also, D, I have to thank you again for Diego! Originally we were going to try and preserve Ziggy. Since you offered Diego, we were able to have a "funeral" for Ziggy. Well, 3 days ago one of my 4 year old little girl's grandpa died. When her mom started to explain to her what a funeral was, the little girl replied "I've been to a funeral mom, remember, Ziggy's! I even got to put his box in the hole!" The mom was so appreciative that her daughter had been introduced to this concept! Just wanted to share because you get credit too!

Thanks for help and comments! We will see what tomorrow brings!
Interesting that the animal funeral was understood. I forget sometimes that kids curiosity is not biased but thinking back, I remember wanting to touch a dead person at my first funeral (a great grandmother to that I was not close to). Today I would prefer a wake without the body being present. I hope the little girl was not close to this grandparent. I know you have mentioned that another child expected Ziggy to reincarnate and death is a hard concept, even for adults.

Be sure to mention packaging etc when DaVinci arrives. Their response to your inquiries has been far more positive than my own experience (very long ago and not with cephs). They ARE mentioned under their old name (still their web URL) as AquaCon.

I did a quick look for any others that may have come from AquaCon and you may get very lucky tomorrow. :fingerscrossed: An O. hummelincki would be ideal for your arrangement and for the kids to see it.

On the other hand, here is some of the discussion about the company.
OK, he/she has arrived! Box sealed with good padding and heat packs. DaVinci is alive and healthy! Will attach a pic right now. Am looking for details to help ID. So far I can see webbing between arms, Eyes poke up often. Has changed color more than any others. Tends to get very dark and then lightens back up to medium brown malted color. Three legs appear to have been damaged and are growing back. Of course 3rd arm to right is one of them! Am watching for how it is carried though!! Will post more in a bit.


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Sorry D, I have NO idea why my pics keep posting like that!! Agh!! Right now I am having trouble just getting them from my Iphone to the computer!! This octo is behaving so different from Orange. More active, better color and eyes going up and down, etc...
Wow he/she is beautiful. I am not sure what it is. The size makes me think merc but I dont ever remember that color on mine. the missing legs and the webbing makes me think briareus and I have seen that color but I think that briareus dont get that webbing until they are older. Mine doesnt have much webbing which is why Dwhatly thinks mine is young. But you had a briareus already so I would think you might know that color already. I dont know if it just happens later in there life but is there any of the green/blue on it?. I will be intrested in what Dwhatley says. Does not matter he/she looks great. I am very happy for you
Thanks! I'm really happy so far! Am going to try and put up another pic, We will see what happens!!


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OK, shut down and will try again. If this is the right pic maybe it will help decide sex at least!! LOL!!


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Am trying to get a variety of pics because I realize that once it goes in the tank, I may not see it again for awhile!!! LOL!!! Kids all got a really good look at it too! Here's another view..... if it works!


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OK. This may be the last pic I have to post for awhile. I will try to get a couple more when I release him/her. If I've posted doubles, I appologise, but I do remember when I was new and could hardly do any of this!! LOL!


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