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Cyclop-eeze nutrition

I was just about to post the same link. You have to read for some time to find out that Cyclop-eeze is actually copepods!

I thought octopuses coudn't tolerate much fat in their diet. What about the omega-3 fatty acids in Cyclop-eeze?

Incidently, they seem to be suggesting on the site that this stuff would benefit humans, too!

My gulf pipe spawned a few "catchable" babies last week (my mandarins love them so it is rare that I catch any). I tried just the cyclopese and no bb's just to see what happened (I successfully raised two on bb's and cyclopese together) and none of the little ones survived more than 3 days. Of note, the one I was able to raise from birth (the other was a wc hitch hiker with my shrimp) started life larger than any of the ones I was able to catch this time.

Note: I am using the frozen NOT the freeze dried and it definitely appears to have some kind of shrimp in the mix.
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