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Cycling mass

Jul 24, 2003
I was thinkin right....hhhmm ere we go again!!!!

Well if you want to put some fish in there to cycle that are gunna produce the same amount of waste/ammonia in a tank as an octo (3 X), if not a little more for safe measure to avoid an ammonia spike.

Then what about when the little fella grows, although gradual increase occurs (?) doesnt this have some sort of adverse effect?

would you not wanna put in a load of fish or whatever that would create the same as an adult octo to ensure the levels of good bacteria (sounds like a yogurt advert!! :lol: ) are at the stable level to fight the ammonia when it comes?? or would this do worse than good?

cheers :biggrin2:
well i discovered last night that im over complicating things again :oops: :lol: an that the nitrates just grow as the size of the octo gets bigger an the ammonia content grows.

but any thoughts on what would happen if you did just overload on the ammonia (with loads of fish or whatever) in the cyclin to get a huge mass of nitrates built up, an then when puttin in little octo an the fish are out, so theres no more major ammonia influx would this crash the tank???

not overly concerned by this although it'd be nice to know an explore worst case scenarios


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