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Cuttles and Octo in one tank

Will T

Sep 16, 2005
I got two small cuttles and an Octo from OctoPets last weekend. I intended to keep them in separate tanks, but as I was aclimating them, my smaller tank busted a filter. So, I put all of them in my large tank (55 gallons) and they seem to be doing well together so far...it's been a week.

Wonder if anyone out there has done this before and if they co-exist well in together.

I have plenty of reef rocks, PVC pipes and plants for them to hide...just wondering if there are any long term effects.

They are all eating well and I get to feed them live crabs, arthropods, snails, clams and hermit crabs that I catch at the beach. Plenty of food for them to avoid attacking each other for food.

I posted this on the Octo care forum as well to see different responses...
First off, the cuttles from Jim, are BIG cuttles, they get 18inches each at maturity, so you better plan on a 200G for both of them, unless he has already hatched the Sepia bandensis. Second, have you seen any signs of the bimac, afraid to come out or take food. I would fear that your problem will be with him not wandering the tank. But if he runs around, thats great news but you will need to get those Officials out of there.
The safe thing would be to fix your small tank and put your little octopus in that (how big is that tank), assuming the water quality is good.

Someone is going to eat someone. Or your octo will hide a lot.
That's why we insist on a species tank.

Okay, got it....will do just that...separate them. Thanks for all your info. They seem to get along now and the cuttles are currently just babies but I wil separate them ASAP!!
good, if they are all real small and you dont have a seperate thank cycled for three months, they you can allways put them in net breeds/ kritter keepers.

just a thought
My other tank is ready to go. Had some problems with the filter, but water is clear and got it tested...now the aclimation process again.


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