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Jun 26, 2003
i was wondering what kind of cuttlefish i could get that would live long in a 50 gallon tank. what and where would i buy stuff and what would i needd to accomidarte such a creature? :smile: please reply quickly
A bandensis would be a good cuttle for that tank, but they're not too easy to get in the US even if they are the most frequently imported species.9 in 10 will usually die in transit.

Protein skimmer and activated carbon are musts as these guys are more to ink then octopus. They should be fine as long You don't make any sudden movements. Other than that they really aren't too hard to care for.
Re: cuttlefsh

supernick said:
:smile: please reply quickly

always as quick as we can!!! :smile:

Biggest problem with cuttles is getting them healthy... as Joel says, many do badly after transporting
Yup, thats the tough part. TONMO.com member lefty has a bandensis and recently got another one though it :cry: . I too have one but im not in a convenient location.

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