Cuttle ordered


Feb 27, 2003
I ordered my first cuttle from yesterday. Im so excited :heee: Im taking the whole day off for its arrival. Also I am keeping in close contact with Nancy and hoping she will be here for our new Texas arrival. Maybe we can share parenting rights for the new little one, besides she has been such a wonderful help and friend thru out all my octos... :D (hint, hint)
The tank is about as perfect as i can get it, now if i can just leave it alone LOL :bonk:
Well, Debbie, this is an exciting time. Hope all goes well. In the interest of stressing your cuttle as little as possible, I think I should postpone a visit for a day or two after his arrival, but I'll stand by for support.

Keep posting about this, everyone is always interested in a new arrival. Do you have a name yet?

Well I talked to Jack last night and The new cuttle is on its way :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: I CANT WAIT!!!!!! I have taken today off to spend with the new arrival and go to the dentist :P. I will update as soon as it arrives!!!!!!
I like Cuttlebug, too. :grin:

About names, I've thought "Cut Up" would be a good cuttie name, depending upon the personality. It's an old fashioned slang term.

Definition: "Cut Up": to behave in a comic, boisterous, or unruly manner : CLOWN
Can't wait for the pics!

I too ordered (my bimac) from . It was an odd situation where Octopets was done shipping for the week, and I happened to check fishsupply and they mentioned they could ship one out that day. Everything worked out well with them, good packaging, communication, etc.


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