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Cuttle Inked. Advice?

Apr 16, 2009
The newer of my two S. bandensis juveniles inked today. Like, quite a lot of ink. a 4.5" radius around him just erupted with ink. He is 1.5 inches long, roughly. My tank has 15 gallons total (growout tank) and so far the refugium has yet to turn hazy but the main tank is very very hazy. If it is nescessary I will do a waterchange, but I can still see through the tank and none of the animals are showing stress signs. The water has an unusual shadowy - black tinge to it but visibility is still pretty good. I'm not sure if the tint is because of the activated carbon I hastily added or the ink itself. I removed most of the ink with a syringe.

The tank is not opaque black with the ink or anything - just a tint dark. I have activated carbon and a skimmer. Will they be alright?