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Cuttle Eggs!

DO NOT put all the mysid in the net breeder with the cuttles. This is known as flood feeding and will actually cause the cuttles to reject the food all together. I never kept anymore than 2 mysid per cuttle in the net breeder. Most of the time, I put 10 mysid in the net breeder (with 6 cuttles) at each feeding. Then I just feed frequently. I make sure there is always food in the net breeder with them, but never too much at one time.
I kept my mysid in a small 2 gallon cube acrylic tank with an aerator. You want to give them space (so they dont eat each other) but you also want to keep them confined (so they are easier to catch). Surface area is key, not height.
Should I use a sponge filter on the mysis tank? I'm going to buy a 2 1/2 gallon tank and a pump and airstone. Should I put any sort of hiding area for the shrimp in the tank?
I think simply from hatching stress. It didn't really look good from the start. Everyone else is alive and starting to do a little swimming. I haven't seen any mysis get eaten but they are disappearing. I've also taken the biggest turbo snails out of the main tank because they were hanging on the net breeder on occasion and I think stressing out the babies. They made a good snack for my almost 7" peacock mantis.

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