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Cross breeding cuttles

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
Has anyone tried to cross breed cuttles? if no one has id like to be the first to try... unless anyone knows for sure it wont work. im friends with a genetic scientist he can help me. i was thinking a bandesis and a common cuttlefish. if i pushed the limits on both of their livable temps could i get them both into he same tank?
:smile: :shock:
Not likely at all, the most possible candidates would be offic and the pharoah. As for the bandensis- officinalis/pharoah part would you like to mate with sumthing close to 10 times your size (vice versa) :shock:

It would be fun to see but we all know the outcome of this...
artificial insemination

i was thinking more along the lines of artificial insemination because youre right i woldnt like to mate with something 10 times my size. my friend is a genetic scientist and he has done it before. :heee: :heee:

i bet it isnt but if it makes an evil species that crawls out of the tank and kills me ill blame you all for saying its okay
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

okay i think its now out of my system... or is it
Hope so...at five am , that hurts my eyes.
Crossbreeding is something I have seen happen in every other pet industry, with some interesting results...seems odd to play creator though...maybe I have a frankestein complex???
:confused: Don't you already have cross breeding in the wild in Hong Kong, I've seen some sort of cross breeding hybrid that doesn't look like anything i've seen in the scientific research notes.

Np, not just a colour change, I mean real change, looks like a common Hk one with a pharoah. Dunno, only guessing... :belemnit: what's a belemnit? :
I would still really like to see what a cross cuttle would look like... btw, have all the polls been "undone" the results are still there but we get to vote a second time.

Belemnites are long extinct ancestors of modern day squids, if you wanna learn more, go to the navigator bar above^ and click on "Fossils", when you scroll down next to the belemnite emoticon, there is an article on them.

Thanks for the info, so....

Now I remember! I have 2 great 'fossil' stones from Nepal, they are unopened stones that sometimes contain fossils. When I boiled it, the stones cracked and contained 2 fossils, any reserach on what Nepal would look in in Prehistoric times?

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