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Apr 18, 2004
I was wondering, since their is limited things you can place in a tank with an octo, what kind of corals would be in and Octo tank if any at all. I know your suppoeser to use little light on an Octo tank so are corals even possible? Are thier any corals that don't require High light? Thanx
The two main problems are that soem corals will sting an octopus's sensitive skin and more than likely the octopus will disturb the coral with its digging and knock it off its rock.

generally, a messy octopus tank isnt 'clean' enough for most corals...
I know just how you feel, setting up a marine tank and finding out you can't have coral!!

I'll ask Colin to correct me if im wrong but i believe that while some corals still sting them and others may be too delicate, a cuttlefish can be kept in a reef tank if you do some research and only choose hardy, non-aggressive corals. I guess this is because they dont 'crawl' as much. Then again i have also heard that cuttlefish like to redecorate.

Of course if you have your mind set on an octopus then i dunno - perhaps there are some corals which are safe for an octopus too? About the lighting, i believe if you provide adequate hiding space, the light won't overly concern the cephalopod. Just dont turn them on too quickly!!!

Hope this helps


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