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Copper Piping

Dec 10, 2006
Hey guys!
I have been cycling a tank for a while now, it is set to be ready in early march, i can't wait! its going to be for a dwarf bimac, and believe me, ive done my homework. I know they are extremely intollerant to copper, it can and usually is lethal, and i have done everything to be sure that there is no copper in my tank. I dont currently have test equipment for this (i know, yikes) but i will be getting some soon. Anyway, it occured to me that the water pipes in my house, or at least some of them, are made of copper. Could this effect my water quality? Or am i being paranoid? please respond, because i am really afraid my entire tank is completely sunk (pun intended). thanks guys! and sorry about the octo sniper
i'm not sure?

i'm not sure but i also have some copper pipes in my house but i also have a filter that hooks on to my fosset so i don't know? you can always test your water as you said was coming soon. As long as your pipes are in good condition it shouldn't matter but i would get other opinions.
My house has copper pipes, and i have two healthy octo's. I use a 6 stage RO/DI unit for the water that i use in my aquarium though. You should always use RO water just in case. Also, slothboy, there is no such thing as a dwarf bimac, so it would be a good idea to ask your supplier were the octo is coming from as well as size,etc. to get a proper id.
A charcoal filter (what a faucet filter is) will not remove copper.

Any saltwater aquarium should really be using RO/DI water unless you can confirm the quality of your tap water analytically.
copper house plumbing is okay as long as run the water for a few seconds first so as not to use still water that has sat in the pipes for long periods of time, as long as you use a water conditioner and fresh activated carbon you will be fine, I use water straight from the tap to top off my systems with no effects so you should be fine.


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