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Feb 8, 2004
Some of my octopus eggs recently hatched, and i am expecting a lot more. However, these babies are extremely small, less than 1mm each. I am feeding them phytoplankton right now, but am getting the feeling that this is the wrong food. Someone suggested copepods to me, but i have no idea where to buy them, does anybody know?
OK I should've read this before I answered your other post BBAP

Where are you, near the sea???? If you're near the sea you could find a briny area and catch your own amphipods and mysids. If you use a fine enough mesh you would catch little uns.

For Copepods try a good pet supplier, one who deals in marine aquaria, there are other things that eat copepods (like seahorses). IF you're ABSOLUTELY stuck newly hatched brines will do for a very short time (they're not very nutritious). By feeding brines within 12hrs of their hatching they should have some yolk left. But I have to EMPHASISE these are not really good enough food for an octi, emergency food only (kinda like us eating a diet of only lettuce!)


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