Oct 20, 2005
Well I got a call today from the owner at the lps and he said a lady ordered an octo and once it arrived she had lost interest and didnt want it anymore, and it was suposibally a brown caribean reef octo but the owner said it lookes nothing like any octo he has ever saw and he said the legs where missing so he asked me to come check it out so i headed up there and i checked it out and its a mimic well atleast i think from the zebra markings and no the arms werent missing it was curled up! and i started to explain to him how hard and unright it is to keep them and he is willing to sell me him for $40! i dont think i want to watch him die atleast with me! i want it to live but i cant do anything all i have is a 75 gal. that is my reef tank but reef only no fish and then i have my 120 for my cuttle but i dont think the 75 would be suitible for him and i will not put him in with airhead so im caught in this mess i want to do something and have him live the tank its in rite now is a 50 gal. with nothing but LR. and kris is begging me to take him but i dont think my reef tank is rite but the tank he is in rite now is deffinitly not suitable and i also dont want to lose my corals! so please help me out on this should i leave him there and hope the best or should i try and host him in my reef tank? please please please give me a suggestion i dont want him to die and i really dont want him to end up dieing with me in a few days! :confused:
Hey OO, tough choice!!

If it were me I'd take him. Your lfs seems like he knows what he is doing, and you can give him a telling off for ordering mimics. From the sounds of it he doesnt want to trade in them either which is good. :smile:

gotta go, Ill write more when I get back.
yeah im so confused though i dont know what to do! and he didnt order it on perpose it just came but i did give him a lay down on it and he said if they ever come up on orders or someone asks if he can order one he will refuse thats how he did with pygmy seahorses they where really big here and many people asked for him to order them and he refused so im glad he knows that with the mimic now to!
Good heaven's...punctuation !!!!!:grad:

If it came in by accident, it is just a sorry can put it into a tank if you want, but the chances of it living for more than a few weeks are slim...40$ =few weeks...hmmm.
yeah that could be a possibility but i dont want to move him then have the mimic die in within a short time therefore airhead would go from one home to the next and back but im not sure how good of an idea that would be he has been in the 120 gal. since he was born! would that be hard on him moving like that?
and see your rite cthulhu thats what im confused about $40 for a few weeks of watching an octo slowly die thats what is tha bad thing i wouldnt want to go through that i just wish it would have never came in i would be so much happier if it was home! but i cant do anything and that sux!
Didn't someone else on these forums buy a mimic (or wunderpus?) by accident and keep it for a month or so.

Your LFS should at least give it to you at no cost, although it doesn't seem to be his fault that the wrong octo was delivered.

Well, have a chat to the lfs guy again. Im geussing that if you tell him the octo has only a few weeks to live it will (hopefully) be very easy to get him to drop the price.
I would swap him into the 120G, I doubt airhead would mind too much.

Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a mimic (without potentially daming their population in the wild even more) so I say see how it goes.

With the lfs not intentially getting him, I think its fair enough to give it a shot. He is most likely going to die a cramped death, so he is better off in a large tank and an informed owner who cares about him.

Maybe you could write an article about how it goes.?

Its a tough call.
yeah i think i might just get him then im sure i can talk him down if not ending up walking out with him at no cost but i will have to explain the whole thing to him! and i hope airhead wont mind the move and he will have a feast on my sexy shrimp i think i might take them out though before he makes dinner of them!

and i know its a once in a lifetime oppertunity but knowing what this octos been through makes it so much worse i would do anything to get him home! even if i do get him at no cost!

so i will give it a try and your also rite atleast i know he will have died in luxury! but yeah i will keep up to date posts on it!
Hey OO, sounds good, sorry I was in the chat room but my friend was on the comp - didnt mean to leave you hanging lol. :biggrin2:

Keep us updated on how this goes, lots of pics ect!!!
oh its okay man! but yeah i will give it ago and keep ya posted! i think i might head up there soon and i just got off the phone with him and he said he got him to eat a crab so good signs but i wont give my hopes up to soon one minuite he could be doing fin the next he could be on the verge of death!

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