Conanny - O.briareus Formerly Conan The Destroyer

I haven't seen my little one in about a week. It's still in the critter keeper (as far as I know). I haven't added any food since I haven't seen her, I just have a ton of snails (I find a lot of stomatella shells when I clean) and there are a couple of tiny hermits left and I stick a tiny piece of krill in for them to munch on. I'm assuming the baby briareus' tend to hide a lot so I just keep telling myself it's still alive in there somewhere.

Sorry, and congratulations... I think.
You seem to have a great view of the eggs! PLEASE take and post a picture every week so we can see them develop!

Sounds like you've got a good plan for the babies. I would lay money on the ones that you don't catch not making it just because of the problem with food density but we will all be very interested in your frequent :biggrin2: updates.

One thing I did not mention that I think may be important is that I keep water flowing through the net during the day but turn it off at night (my power head is on the same timer as my lights) when I feed to keep the food density high (there is still movement from the main sump overflow). This helps clean out the net but I think they need the water movement even without the net cleaning effect. With the higher number of potential young, you may want to add or rearange some kind of power head type setup (a bit difficult to add because of the intake but arranging the nets around your existing might be doable). The reason I think I should have used brine is for the movement of live critters to stimulate the feeding reaction and the pods you want to catch should help there and be a healthier food source. The jury is still out on whether or not feeding the shrimp early encouraged cannibalism (or even if there was any but I don't have another explanation).

Keep the cards an letters coming! Vicarious octo parenting is almost as much fun as having them (kind of like grand kids) without the worry (unless I get a chance to raise one :tongue:).
yeah ive been told of a pod trap by my friend that has the fish store so im gonna try it. basically it entails a large filter sponge soaked in fish food water then i can place it under my dock for a week and pull it up and it should be loaded. i might make about 5 of these and just leave them in the tank and sump for the babies to hunt off of and also provide a constant supply of pods in the tank with it. ive read now that it takes 50+ days for the eggs to hatch so ive got about that long to get the tank completely packed with pods which shouldnt be too hard. also it said that the eggs should have visible embryos after the first week so since its been 3 days i cant wait to see.

on another note i read that if the water temp is held at higher reading say 80 or so the eggs will not only develope faster but hatch out slightly larger which could be to my advantage by skipping one food size maybe so im going to try that.

ive also just read in someone elses post that air stones cause problems in cephs so im gonna have to try and come up with a different method for my nusery tanks that im setting up(maybe i can just slip a peice of tubing over the stones that goes just up to the water surface or something?)

ill get some pics up today at some point with the pics from day 3 and day 4. so far shes actually still eating a couple times a day so she seems to be doing well.
oh yeah and to get that view i have to crawl under the tank then slide my head inbetween the tank and the wall (7" space) then lift up the back drop.... kinda awkward and its funny when i do it cause she looks at me and starts waving an arm at me like "howed you get back here youre not supposed to be in here! leave this place at once!"
joefish84;110556 said:
oh yeah and to get that view i have to crawl under the tank then slide my head inbetween the tank and the wall (7" space) then lift up the back drop.... kinda awkward and its funny when i do it cause she looks at me and starts waving an arm at me like "howed you get back here youre not supposed to be in here! leave this place at once!"

That sounds more like The Great Oz than Conan the Destroyer :lol:
Jean mentioned putting an air stone in a tube connected to an under gravel filter (or concocting something similar) so that the water is drawn from the bottom) and the air bubbles stay at the top. I have no idea how fast these grow (AM says his doubled in size over less than 2 weeks) so I don't know how long you can leave them in a flow through net but what about a larger flow through in the main tank?

Do we call her Conana now or wait until her offspring have off spring?
ok took these pics today... its about day6 or so right?

well i can tell that the eggs are much white and not clear anymore and some of them you can start to see the yolk sack and all forming as one big oval inside the eggs


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changing her name is exactly what I was but that sure looks like a lot of eggs to me... is that a normal number? I would be interested in one of the babies... but I don't think that I have a place for one when they are ready...
little update...

checked on conanny this mornin and she was chomping down on a peice of macro algea... odd... i guess she was hungry so i gave her a couple peices of shrimp which she took quickly.

i also finally caught the cardinal fish that has been evading me for 5 years now... now i just have to get the peppermint shrimp out which by the way have started laying the eggs and now ive got millions of babies crusing the tank at night.

the eggs are getting plumper and more defined in the embryo every day. i can now clearly see an oval yolk inside the egg. im guessing a few more days and ill begin to see little octos inside them.
If you are contorting to see these where are our pictures '>)? I always felt I missed out not being able to see eggs develop (my cuttle eggs never matured and both Mercs used the same barnacle and were able to completely block any viewing 100% of the time).

I wonder if there were copepods in the macro that she was munching.
little update again...

the eggs are still turning darker and the yolk is still becoming more defined. a few more days and i think ill start to see babies in there.

i think my food supply is under control. the peppermint shrimp have almost all hatched out the young and now my tank has bagillions of little tiny peppermint shrimp cruising around under the rockwork. right now they are a little smaller than mysids but all the same look just like shrimp. since the adults dont seem to be munching down on them yet im going to leave them in a little longer to see if i cant get another spawn out of them.
Your first post about the eggs was a week ago, according to the information on the post. Maybe Tony (tonmo) could give you the exact date.