Conanny - O.briareus Formerly Conan The Destroyer

Feb 24, 2005
well ive got one comin in from FL in the morning. just spent a few hours reapplying the octoproofing to the tank. since ive moved back to the coast its now filled with lots of crabs, shrimp and blennies... just hope they all get along... theres also about 100 peppermint shrimp in there that ive been catching here off the beaches... so plenty of food for my new friend...
not yet should be here in the morning dont worry ill get pics during acclimation since ive learned thats one of the best times for a positive id cause they usually use every color and skin variation they know of while showing off and trying to hide in the bucket so ill post some tommorow
well hes here and acclimating... since my tanks outside ive put hand warmers beside the bag to keep the water in the bucket warm then ill do a float acclimate after its done dripping to fix temp. mantle is about the size of a golf ball and it definitely is a briareus i think. anyway...


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Yup, sure looks like a briareus... it's got the classic color and webbing... :welcome: :octopus: and hope the acclimation goes well.
yep went great...

was floating the bag in the tank after dripping it to equalize temp and i look over and its crawling out the top of the bag into the tank. then it immediatly starts stalking my watchman gobies until it saw the 3 inch blue crab that rode in the bag next to it all the way from marathon FL. i guess the blue crab was taunting the octo all the way here cause the octo immediatly decide to eat him before even finding a new home. oh well what ever makes it happy i guess.


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I have one on the way as well, thanks to your tip! Supposedly the one I'm getting has a "dime-sized" mantle. Gonna have to remove some stuff from my tank now but oh well.

just a little update on my octo whom ive decided to call "conan the destroyer" since all it seems to do is destroy all my fish... went in last night and watched it stalking my cardinal fish which it will probably never catch. seems to be fine. all night its crawling around the rockwork in the tank looking for food and during the day it spends its time sitting just out of view watching the world go by. ive only been feeding it during the day to try and encourage the daytime behavior and it slowly seems to be helping. just out of curiosity though.

has anyone ever had an octopus that doesnt ever find one particular den but instead just ends up where ever it finds a comfy spot at the end of the night? mine has only stayed in one den for 2 nights at most then it just finds another one. i dont know if its due to the fact that literally half of my tank is live rock and it just feels safe everywhere or if its just the species i have since it is somewhat of a tidepool species. anyway just curious because none of the previous octopus ive owned have ever done this.
Since a lot of the behavior for the little Mercs does not translate up to the larger octos, I don't know that my observation helps but neither Trapper nor my 4 males kept (keep) a den for more than a couple of days. Dens are revisited and trapper seemed to make a regular circuit (counter clockwise) of the tank until she started brooding. Miss Broody, however, chose a den after being released to the tank and never slept anywhere else (until her disappearance 4 weeks ago) even before she mated.

My hummelincki (definitely diurnal - only with us 1 week so far) found a den her first night and returns to it nightly or when she wants me to "go away" difference is she will go in with no one present and not come out until the next day at bed time but the "go away" escape is only temporary and she will come out again when we leave the tank front).
update on conan the destroyer

well as of last night conans wandering days may finally be over. since intoduction into the tank conan spent the nights finding new places to sleep during the day. yesterday conan spent the day collecting shells and peices of rock and last night finally started establishing a den. hopefully the octo just got tired of not having a home and its not one of those "oh yeah forgot to let you know... im a female with eggs now im gonna lay them where you cant see them and dissapear from sight" octopus. anyway ill try to get some pics tonight

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