Colossal Squid workshop

Jun 8, 2003
Date; 1-2 MAY 2008
VENUE: Te Papa (Wellington, New Zealand)
Topic: Colossal & giant squid (click on the link for the full story)

Following the thaw and examination of the 495 kg specimen of colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) on 30th April, Te Papa WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND will have a lecture series with speakers including Dr Steve O'Shea, Dr Tsunemi Kubodera, Kat Bolstad and Peter Batson and others on giant, colossal squid and other deep-sea beasties.
The examination may be broadcast via webcast if there is interest, but we need know if there is enough interest out there!

Lectures will be free - no booking necessary - first come basis. If there is enough interest we may be able to arrange priority seating. Sorry for the short notice. You can find additional information on this squid at the Te Papa website here.)

You can also find a tremendous amount of information on giant and colossal squids here, in addition to all manner of other information on squid and octopus in general.

Alternatively, there is a possibility of a second lecture series when the specimen goes on display in late 2008 (Nov-Dec) - indication of interest would help.
Thanks Myopsida.:smile:

This is exciting news. For those not familiar with New Zealand, the National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is also known simply as Te Papa.

Now I have to get the colossal and giant squid fact sheets updated. There goes my weekend. All for a good cause.
What time will it be presented? Any chance there can be a video posted in lieu of or in addition to a webcast? I know every member here would like to see the whole thing.

Would love to hear the webcast -will it be repeated for various time zones? or will there be a link (is this a stupid question?)

Rob Romero
Well, I'd love to watch a webcast, mostly to see if a certain Dutchman was pulling my leg about being there. (So jealous. Seriously.)


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