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Collin's tank


Apr 18, 2004
Collin, i had a look at the cuttlefish pictures on your website but ended up being distracted by your coral and plant growth!!! It looks fantastic!

Is the red/purple stuff closer the front red algae and what is the green weedy stuff? Also what is the large orange coral? Had a look on fishsupply and couldn't put a name to it

Where can you get hold of this stuff? It makes the tank so bright!
Hi Oscar,
thanks for the comments, i dont have this tank set up anymore but it was quite a pretty one :smile:

the red stuff was a red macro algae that just appeared on the live rock, as i had no fish or herbivores in the tank the macroalgaes got to grow without being eaten... also meant that many small inverts just appeared too and got the chance to thrive.

the green stuff is another macroalgae called caulerpa.

The large orange coral is a leather coral called sarcophyton... that coral i still have but it is in a friends tank, it is now about 20" across and has many daughters :smile:

The waste from a cuttle also allowed me to keep sea apples etc which i had no luck with in the past, it fed well on left overs in the water column, cuttles are very messy feeders!!!
caulepra - that sounds very familiar! Can you buy it?

I thought the other was red macro algae, but yours looked like a full bush!! I had only seen tiny specimens. Can you get that either?

The sarcophyton looks great! congratulations! Are they hard to grow? Cos i havent seen them anywhere before!

And its good to hear about the sea apples! I saw that at a lfs a while back but i assumed there would be problems wih a cuttle! Great to know otherwise - they are COOL! :P
i remembered where i heard of it! caulerpa is a pest!! - i think - am i right? I might have seen it on tv...looks good in the aquarium though!!!
yes, it is a pest in tropical countries where it can survive if dumped into the sea, no such problem in scotland though!!!

The macro just got the chance to be a bush because nothing ate it, the cuttles certainly didnt and nothing else got the chance too, the cuttles would eat them!

I think that Sarcophytons are one of the most commonly seen corals for sale in the UK and asumed they would be world over, try searching for leather corals.

Please also note that i dont think any of this would be possible without the huge skimmer and trickle tower i had to beat the cuttles waste, also the amount of bristle worms was huge and some of them were close to a foot long, but it does show that a pretty tank can be built up around cuttles. Dont think it would work with an octopus for a second! LOL
yes horrid things those octos!... :jester:

1 minute net search reveals caulerpa is a pest in australia!

Have found Sarcophytons here in aus and eventually on fishsupply! i didnt know what i was looking for but here in australia they arent as common, but have found a fair few.

The ones i have seen were very different and varied which is probably why i didnt place them, different shape size colour and polyps! same kinda thing tho i guess...? lol

are bristle worms the same as tube worms or feather dusters?

what kind of skimmer are we talking about here? also can you have two smaller skimmers to replace one larger?

Ive got som ideas going from you old setup! I like the red macro and i read it aids filtration?
yeah, the sarcos are very varied in shape... I had three in that tank and chose each one because it was different from the others :smile:

I used an aquamedic 5000 skimmer on the cuttle tank for 200gals

http://www.premiumaquatics.com/Merc...Product_Code=AM-71002&Category_Code=Aquamedic yes one big skimer could be 2 small ones but might be more expensive???

Bristleworms are very mobile worms and are not too dissimilar they can give you a wee sting though.. have a look here...

http://saltaquarium.about.com/cs/msubpestbworm/ personally i like them and they do our aquariums no harm

WOW...HUGE skimmer!!! The reason for asking about two was that the tank came with one but im guessing - reinforced by the pic and specs of yours - that mine will need some extra help!!!!!

So how do you work out how big a skimmer you need? get the reccomendation and quadrouple it??? LOL :heee:

So why are the worms considered a pest? they look fine to me!! Adds interest...i suppose they clean up a bit too? or do they make more mess??? :bonk:
Ollie killed large bristle worms by biting them into pieces. I've read that bristle worms will eat octo eggs, so that may have had something to do with it.

I have read other reports of octos staying out of their dens when there were too many bristle worms, but I don't know how accurate these reports are.

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