Cleaning used tank that had copper in it


Dec 22, 2004

I just skimmed through the thread and thought I'd toss in my two cents.

Ultimately, there's a million variables every time you set up a tank. A lot of people get these critters and have really bad luck, meanwhile some people get them and have good luck. There's really no predicting it, but the long-time consensus on TONMO is that you want to do everything you can to stack the deck in your favor. Will an octo survive without a protein skimmer? Probably, although the tank would probably look like a dump and need more water changes. Will it survive without RO water? Probably, although here you're on thinner ice.

Ultimately, the people that have the best luck are people with saltwater experience who are willing to make a commitment (both in terms of finances and commitment) to trying cephs. The people who don't succeed tend to be the guys who've never set up a tank before and want to try it on a whim. These are the people who cut corners and try to do it on the cheap. If experienced TONMOers are trying to dissuade you from this endeavor because you're not interested in getting a skimmer or an RO/DI unit, it's not necessarily because those are life-or-death components, but rather because you're establishing yourself in that latter group and they want to save you the trouble.

Honestly, you'll probably spend more money in food than you did for the equipment in question. There are threads here where someone says something like, "I can't believe I'm spending $60 a week in food for my cephs!" and the reply is, "Did someone tell you this would be inexpensive?"

When it comes down to it I wouldn't set up a tank with tap water or without a skimmer, even though I know I could probably get away with it. I didn't even when I was in college and living on $600/month. I bet I could also get away with not replacing the tensioner or the water pump on my car when I change the timing belt. Part of it is deciding who you want to be in life--the guy who pulls out all the stops and does everything top notch; or the guy who does a half-assed job at everything and manages OK most of the time.

Whatever you choose, I hope you have the best of luck. If you do get a skimmer, make sure you get something good; most hang-on-back skimmers are $200 worth of junk. Even if you do get the best skimmer out there and are only mixing up salt with the purest water, there's still a good chance your octo will die for no reason, but at least then you'll know there wasn't anything you could do.


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