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Aug 9, 2004
how does everyones little boys and girls respond to clams, my guy eat 1 little clam earlier now hes just puching them away. Think he somehow became full from 1 clam? or do you figure he didn't enjoy it?
He's a baby Bimac. I got him 4 days ago or so, still looking for a name.

He ate another clam last night, but i got him a shirm to much on, till i get my live shrimp tomorrow evening.
Yea, he really loved the crabs we got him from the beach, the shrimp come in tomorrow so we will have to mix it up a bit and get some more crabs
Your little bimac may be too young to catch live shrimp. Is's a skill they have to learn. But the shrimp will live in your tank (if they're saltwater) until he's ready, and they make good scavengers.

Well I ordered 100 live shrimp from George, and have a seperate tank to hold them in untill feeding, so I will put a few in the main tank. But he was able to catch live crabs, are the shrimp much harder since they deal on a more 3-d, as in the can swim, as compared to bottom dwelling crabs?
Shrimp are a lot faster and harder to catch. Also, octopuses seem to come with something of an instinct for catching crabs, but have to learn to catch shrimp.

When she was little, my bimac used to chase them head first, then try to turn around and catch them with her arms. Didn't work the shrimp were gone.

She perfected her techniques throughout her life and eventually hunted them at night, upside down, at the water's surface. She seemed to really love hunting live shrimp!

I've come to like the little shrimp and they are useful in a tank. Right now I have one left from my last shipment and he eats from my hand.


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