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Circulation and flow

Jul 24, 2003
Has anybody come up with any great ideas to ensure your gettin good circulation and flow in the tank with putting in power heads or streams, just incase the little fella's got an urge to blend himself???

Someone floated the idea of hard piping into the tank with a pipe and then splitting with lots of holes drilled in to get flow off in all directions but im not sure bout that......???

Over to you...... :bugout:
Your instincts are right, we've lost a couple of bimacs to powerheads. But also, we've had octos that take them apart!

Yes, most of of use powerheads, but you can be careful to find a well-protected design, and can protect it even more with netting. I never had any problem with my powerhead and my bimac.

cheers Nancy,

SO i suppose no one has come up witha way of gaining circulation and flow without the use of a power head then.....hmmmmm

Thatsa bit of a poor show really, i would of thought someone might of tried???
In my main tank, me and my dad set up a plumbing situation where there is a powerhead in the sump, but the circulation goes through a pipe that goes around the sides and comes out through small holes...
This is a basic (and bad) drawing of the setup. the water enters the tank through the holes in the pipe.(BTW, the holes are on the bottom. Also, one thing to note: you may have to clear the holes once/6 months or so- aiptaisia and things like to grow on them for some reason.
I have always used powerheads and as long as the intakes are protected from prying arms there is no problem,

Cephkids use of the return from the pump is ideal, the spray bar is a good idea
Nice one Cephkid thats agreat idea and similar to one I have been reveiwing with some mates.

We had thought up the idea of splitting the return to the main tank and then spanning off it with the piping like you. hhmmmm gunna have to ponder on this one.

Dont suppose you have any pics do you??

Colin I suppose you used somethin like netting to protect the intake or womesn tights (pantyhose)??
i have my return running all the way to the bottom in the back corner of the tank split up with t-pieces so that there is current on all levels of the tank

though the flow isnt as strong as id like :frown:
If you can get a pic Cephkid that would be cool, bout to redo my piping (3rd reconfigure, bigger size with new more powerful pump)

been waiting on pump for moons but was to be posted with a mates crabs....arrrghh hurricanes hurricanes hurricanes!!!

was posted with crabs (some eventually sourced!), got lost and ended up stuck in post office...crabs died.... package returned...with my pump!!!!

There retrying in a few days!!!

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