Check this out...especially Nancy

Jan 31, 2003
We bought some of these at the "Dollar Tree" tonight for our niece and nephews. Nancy, check out the second pic to see the name of the product.
Looks like Ollie went into business for herself!

The way Ollie got her name - Before she arrived, I told my husband he could name our octopus. Without even a pause, he said "Ollie, Ollie Octopus". I thought it was a fine name. And after Ollie turned out to be a girl, it was still a fine name.

Great find there and what a coincidence.At first I thought Ollie was supposed to be a female. I only realised he was a he when I noticed everyone refered to him as a "he".
Like most of our octo owners, I assumed that I had a male. (It's very difficult to determine the sex of a bimac. ) Then, when I saw the eggs, I knew Ollie was a female and began referring to "she" and "her".

And that one was copyright 2002! It's a good drawing of an ocotpus, too - I'm going to have to give some thought to the upcoming Ollie book, the Ollie tote bag series, and the Ollie note cards. (I promised Ollie she would be famous.)

Yes, I think Olllie Octopus is common because both words begin with the same letter - Polly Octopus isn't as good.

Her nickname was Ollliepod, by the way.

As for the eggs, well, either the bristleworms ate them or Ollie herself destroyed them - there weren't many - and after a month or so, she stopped guarding so carefully the area where they were and started dismantling her den. I don't think they were fertile, but bimacs can lay infertile eggs.


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