um... said:
What a great chat!

It sure was. Sorry to hear about the threats against your life. Is it a fatwah, or just a garden-variety vendetta?

Oh, and BOE? The bartender has your keys.


Tintenfisch said:
:? Missed it because I didn't read this thread... I was off illustrating hooks. Stupid :arr:.

Next time.

Those hooks allowed us to talk about you a little more freely than we would have if you'd been there, :twisted:. Yay :arr:.

You were missed, though. :frown:

(Not that Clem isn't good company, he's just a little less pretty. I've no idea what BOE looks like.)

Clem said:
Sorry to hear about the threats against your life. Is it a fatwah, or just a garden-variety vendetta?

Clem, I really don't know. Either way, I'm still going to start carrying a taser. :goofysca:
Hey, sorry about missing this, and not promoting, was out due to a family emergency. Next month I'll definitely give the event some publicity on the Homepage (as I intended to this month)...
i think it would work better if you could see the status of the chat from the homepage.... otherwise, impromptu chats are nonexistant.... maybe they werent exactly plentiful, what do others think?
Well, a couple things on that:

1) I tried, but I just couldn't make the "who's online" feature work on the homepage after literally hours of effort. I will revisit this at some point.

2) For scheduled chats, I do have a means to amply promote the feature on the homepage, just couldn't get to it this last time 'cause I was away. I do encourage anyone who wants to schedule their own chat to add it to the calendar, and see what happens. If you alert me to it, I'll be sure to give it proper promotion.

#2 doesn't fix the impromptu chat issue, but yeah, that's explained in #1. If I could, I would... I just need a stretch of time to focus on it. Sorry about the deficiency in the meanwhile... :oops:

I'll bump it up my priority list.

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