[Featured]: Young Marine Biologist Speaker Invite - Cephalopod Researcher/Scientist


Aug 23, 2022
Hi all!

In my role at the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, I am assisting the events team in putting on a monthly, free, Young Marine Biologist club exclusively for YMB members. We have so far had great talks from the Darwin Tree of Life project.

I am looking for enthusiastic cephalopod researchers, educators, scientists, etc to speak for us in one of these online sessions.

  • Over zoom, 1hr 30min
  • A “club” session for young marine biologist members of the MBA – aged 13-18 but open to younger
  • Guest speaker to give a short presentation on a particular topic (1/2) session and another career advice presentation (other half)
  • When: 3rd or 4th Tuesday of each month 16:30-18:00pm *Please respond with your availability
What I will do: introduce you and be involved in running the session. We will also help to create quiz materials or other activities for the session as well as setting up and booking the event

Please let me know if you would be interested via [email protected]

*Note: due to the club being free we are unable to offer payment for this at this time so this would be a voluntary role but with the potential to connect with the events team for future collaboration

All the best,