YOUMARES Conference Cephalopods and Society Sept 14-16 2015 Germany


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Sep 4, 2006
Dear all,

I can't remember if it was announced in this mailing list, but there will be a cephalopod session (Cephalopods and Society: scientific applications using cephalopods as models) in the YOUMARES conference, which is intended for young scientists.

This convention is a great opportunity for young researchers to network and establish connections, and we would love to see a higher participation among the young cephalopod biologists (although all of you are more than welcome to participate!)!! Would you please share the news around with your working group/department, especially if you know or have students that would like to or should attend? The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until July 15th (it is not up yet on the website but hopefully it will be soon) so there is still plenty of time to submit work for presentation!!

Here is the link for the theme sessions - the cephalopod one is the third :smile:

Thanks for the help!

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