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cephs and eels?

:welcome: I believe eels are an octos natural enemy! Although not sure with cuttles. Would think they wouldn't get along either.
We keep Southern Conger eels in our ponds (BIG slitherers! 1.8 -2 m long) and they find octopus very tasty indeed :x So we have to remember which pond we have the eels so we can release and "extra" octopus in to the other one!

I have heard on very rare occasions that Moray eels and Octis will share crevices, dens, burrows etc.

I'm not brave enough to try that tho' (not that we get Morays down here....to cold or something!!)

congratulations jean (how many years?)

i know it has been done but i wouldnt reccomend it - in the wild eels feed readily on octopus and cuttles (if they can catch them) but in a closed tank the cuttle will have little chance of escaping!!

the eels should be safe but the cuttlefish wouldnt last -unless you are very lucky!!!