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Jun 4, 2005
Does anyone know of some really good videos or DVDs of cephalopods? My daughter (college age) has recently become totally taken with squids, sharks, and all sea creatures, and I want to send her some great videos. I'm new to this website and I know very little about the subject. One video that I'd really like to track down is a program I saw not too long ago, showing octopuses that could do amazing disguise changes to look like surrounding terrain, not only in color, but in skin texture. If I remember correctly, the program included scenes showing some kinds of octopuses preying on other kinds. To a novice, it seemed like an awesome program. I'd also like to find a video that includes great footage of cuttlefish color changes and "neon sign" behaviour. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to Tonmo.com! :welcome:

I'd suggest getting Incredible Suckers, if you can still find it. I did a review of this video for Tonmo some time ago - here's the link:

Incredible Suckers

For something more general on sea life, the Blue Planet series is interesting.

also looking for ceph videos

i too am looking for cephalopod videos. i have found some. i haven't found the "incredible suckers" mentioned above, for sale yet. i found numerous excellent reviews of it though. i want to see it now.

i just bought "the octopus show" from pbs/nature, but haven't seen it yet.

i have nat'l geo. "search for the giant squid", which i enjoy very much. it shows some bioluminescence. they put "critter cams" on sperm whales to search for deep sea squid, but don't find any. the film goes into sperm whales a little too b/c it is only recently that they have been observed so directly and in the deep. they are fascinating too.

i just found a list of tapes held by some underwater exploration library. some of the ones already mentioned are on there. i haven't tried to research any of the others yet. here is the link to list:


i read that there are numerous film documentations of octopuses unscrewing jars and demonstrating their intelligence. but i haven't seen any or know the titles of any.
Wow, jevverson, you really must hunt down an old copy of Incredible Suckers. Try craigslist, ebay, anything. It's got amazing GPO vs. shark footage.
Also look for 'aliens from inner space/fastest claw in the west' double video :)
I recently saw an episode of "built for the kill" on NGC and it was on octopuses and cuttles, it was really interesting to watch, lots flamboyant and blue ring footage. I'm not sure if it's available yet but no harm looking for it..

Edit: I just did a search, it's called Built For The Kill: Undersea Deception. For those with access to NGC asia, it will air again on 18 July at 10.00pm (GMT +8)

i can't speak for ahnahtah, but she does look to be searching for dvd/vhs. i'm looking for vhs, not downloads. thanks. thank you also for suggestions and replies.
yes make me a copy

hey Righty, what are you offering to copy for me? should i email you? thanks a lot for the offer. do you have incredible suckers? :smile:

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