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Ceph specific tanks

Jan 1, 2008
Just thought I would see what kind of results I would get from all of your opinions on a specific tank setup that can be a standard for my business to build and sell I prefer it be a "as cheap as possible but efficiant" type setup. I build acrylic and glass aquariums so any suggestions would be great. i was thinking I already build a nano reef style tank with built in wet/dry trickle and protien skimmer but this kit could be alot cheaper as no major lighting is required. Please post up and let us know what you think.

One of the primary considerations (that would be a selling point to ceph owners) would be the ability to octoproof the tank and lock down the lid. Additionally, a screened section (or total lid) would be a benefit to allow for overhead fan cooling. Tanks without overflows are particularly hard to octoproof so any innovations on lid design would be of interest. Retro-fitting some of the more standard tank sizes with a locking lid/screened lid would also garner much attention.
locking screen lids I already offer, lol i sell to the reptile industry so the lids are mainly for the terrariums but can be used on tanks as well and they have locks with and without key locks, lol as for the filters i build a lot of my tanks with wet/dry trickles built in on the ends and backs of the tanks, so great places for equipment and such.


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