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Can you tell


Blue Ring
Aug 13, 2004
can you tell if the egg is dead or alive because i can see something in it but i cant see it moving! and there are two eggs that have a lot less ink in it and there is one that really dark!
Eggs early in development will not have anything moving inside it, and the developing cuttle will look like, well, kinda like a glob of goo. As it grows the cuttle will take shape and you will eventually see the forming.

The eggs with less ink in the case may just have lost a couple of layers so look clearer.

What species are they eggs from?
they are kept in a plastic square box in the tank, i always try to suck them out but then they keep coming back and the eggs are covered in them!! im kinf of scared that the eggs are dead...
im not sure if they look like this because they are kind of small. but its something similar. they are all over the eggs all the time!! they always stick on the glass as well, i think one of the eggs actually popped because there was this white thing sticking out. :frown:


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If the are on the glass too, and look like your pics, then little copepods/amphi/mysis should not harm the eggs at all.

More concerning is the egg description. Can you get a picture or not? Maybe borrow a camera if you haven't got one?

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