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Can I keep a bimac from Octopets.com in a Nanocube?


Mar 25, 2004
I am looking at getting a Nanocube this month and want to get an Octopet for it. Has anyone else had success doing this? I know it's a smaller tank, but I figure if I only feed the guy one clam a day, he won't get too big. Would love to get any feedback on this. :talker:
Hi Brian,

gonna be negative here but need to say that a nano is waaaaaay too small... also, for an octopus, a clam a day is actually quite a lot.. why not have a read at back posts and a few of the artciles under the ceph care heading? A lot of info is there for you...

but, welcome to TONMO.com :smile:
You're feeding baby clams, and they're quite tiny, I understand. Just how big are they?

I think you're right to feed him what he wants, at least when he's young. Ollie and Ink were both fed that way, and other successful octos.

:welcome: to TONMO.com!!

We all agree that 50 is the minimum for a bimac, other tanks between 30-50 gallons can also be used but it might become cramped. Anything larger would be great.
:welcome: to TONMO!

A Nanocube would be to small for a bimac, and even if it was large enough an octo would rather have more length and width, so a cube is not really a good home for an octo.
good point, its all relevant to the size of the octo and the size of the clams... does your octo eat all 15 a day or do some get to burrow to safety?
They didnt escape, I know that much. I put them in a flipped over bowl so they couldnt bury and in the morning they were gone. Look at the bottom left of this pic:

I would feed him like this:

1) Sift through the sump to find 5 clams.
2) Put the clams in the FT (Feeding Tube).
3) Shake the FT near him and if he was hungry he would grab the FT and hold it still then stick an arm in and grab the clams.
4) Repeat with 5 clams a time until he was no longer grabbing the FT.
5) Put 5 clams in the bowl for him to eat over night.

I think this process worked well. It was exciting though when I fed him the Periwinkles and he rushed out of his den for them. 8)
I think that feeding any animal enough for it to live and not to grow should be classed as nothing but cruel. If it doesn't have the option of eating then it may look to escape and that, in a small tank may be fairly easy, and disapointing for you!

my octo is small at the moment, hes in a fifty five and that almost seems to small given how quickly he can get from one spot to another
imagine yourself with only your living room to live in, even if you have enough room to move youd get pretty bored when you can see directly acros to the other side of your planet
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