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Californian Octopus


Dec 13, 2003
This my first message on the forum.
I and just about to start up my first Octopus tank here in the UK and have been making some enquires at my LFS on availability of an octopus.
Now I have been told the only type they can supply is a Californian Octupus I an not sure of the latin name.
Does anybody have any experience with this type I have read on line their fully grown mantle is a maximum of 4 inches.
Are they totally nocturnal???
Any assistance would be great.

Tank Spec will be 24"x24"x24"


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Hi DJ Welcome to TONMO.com

as a fellow UK'er i can shed some light on the TMC Californian Octopus deal.

It is Octopus bimaculoides which is the one we refer to here as 'bimac' so there is plenty to read about them here as that is the most commonly kept species, partly because it is captive bred in the USA. They are Diurnal and can get bigger than a 4" mantle.

For us they are harder to get and although i have ordered them on many ocassions i only ever actually got bimacs once. Normally we get unsuitable fully grown dwarf with weeks to live. Species like aculeatus and bicki are commonly imported. It's a hit and miss I'm afraid.

Having said thatm, there are some good species imported but its just your luck if you see them or not.

I can get you sepia officinalis cuttlefish much easier if you are interested but you'll need a much bigger tank.

Other than that, its a cephalopod lottery... until someone specialises.

Which part of UK you in?

all the best