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Calcium for Octopus Beaks

Good question and one that hasn't came up before.

As long as you do regular water changes with a good quality aquarium marine salt, that will add enough calcium and other trace elements to the tank.

Interested to see if anyone has an answer though :smile:
RE: Calcium

So a Instant Ocean salt would work fine, or should I use a specialized "reef salt?"
Also, I wanted to know how quickly orders from fishsupply.com arrive at their destination; fedex says in the late afternoon.

Michael O'Shea
I had mine by 11:00am-12:00pm the next day and I'm about as far from California as you can get. The package actually arrived in my town by 8:00am but was on the truck several hours before it showed up.
Ink was in New Jersey the next day from Ca, but didn't arrive at my house till around 5PM. He was stressed but sooo fiesty, he's recovered 100 Percent! I just gave him lots of time to acclimate and didn't force him off the plastic he insisted on staying on! Plus, Jim at Fish Supply keeps in touch to make sure they are ok. Even called my house!\

Concerning the time of arrival from Fish Supply - I asked for and paid for an early delivery. There was some confusion as to whether this was supposed to be before 10:30 or before noon. At any rate, Ollie was shipped overnight and arrived at 10:30 am the next day in great shape.

This thread got a little off track from the original topic - I'd still like to see more comments on the level of calcium required to maintain an octopus' beak.


Re salt brands, I always hve used either Kent or Tropic Marin salt and had no problems with either. Also other experienced octo keepers like Chris have mentioned that when they switched brands due to a sale or something that the octopus seemed to act strangly and look ill. So I wouldn't change brands that your octo is used to and also wouldn't go for the cheapest one either...

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