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Breeding O.bimaculoides

My hatchings are now almost 6 months old. All the babies have found homes. Out of 30 hatchlings I managed to rear 16 past the critical point and to a size large enough for new homes. I have kept the cream of the crop for myself, the biggest of the brood. His mantle is now the size of a walnut with a 7" arm span. Its diet consists of Asian Shore Crabs, marine grass shrimp and fresh sea food. After they were 4 months old they all found homes with in two weeks. Some found homes in schools where I was invited to speak to the students. Through this all I met some very cool people and made some awesome new friends.
I plan on breeding the one that I kept for myself as soon as it is large enough to sex with a wild caught specimen to keep the blood lines fresh. I have over come my needs for a hatchling food source with a endless supply of live aquacultured mysid shrimp and other marine feeds thanks to some very caring people. Alot of the food sources I am also culturing myself. Attached is a picture that was sent to me from a now good friend Jon who drove down several hours from Vermont to pick up 3 of my hatchlings.
Cool Chris! Thanks for sharing that post and photo. Jon takes some great pics -- I'll be adding one of his to our photo gallery in the coming week.

16 out of 30 is a pretty good run, isn't it? Keep us posted on the progress of the dynasty --- and we'll stop by the Cephalopod forum at ReefCentral.com to get the scoop there as well. :wink:
Thanks Guys, I'll keep you posted on future events. Next time around should go much smoother. Some things you just have to learn from doing it, no amount of reading will prepare you for it!
that's true, remember when there was not a thing about keeping cephs on the web at all? LOL :madsci:
Aaaah yes, back in the days when there were no forums hehe, my how times have changed. I hope all the newbies appreciate all the hard work we went through to gain the knowledge to help other people. What a long strange trip its been! :octopus:
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