tonmo said:

I just reserved What shall I put there?

Perhaps I'm crude, but my first thought is a large image of buttocks, with a "trawl this!" message...

- M (always a fan of mooning as a political statement)

Whatever you do with the page, make sure it comes across well. Too many people out there trying to do good but drive people away. Don't look like an activist, look like a smart, receptive guy with a good point :smile:

I'm with you -- that's the approach I am taking... always in pursuit of the truth, wherever it may lie! (It's the same way I think about blue rings in captivity). Thanks -
I first saw the link in the Deep Intuition, LLC ..and I thought "Hm...Tony's got another website?" And then moments later, out popped this thread! :smile:

What to put there...a link to's Marine Conservation catagory, the pictures and a newsfeed on Bottom Trawling.

(Don't forget to submit the page to the major search engines, or whatever similar things that is required for a site to be displayed on relevant search results...)

The website is coming along. The news links are great and the overall tone is educational not overzealous ranting activist (not that you are, but some environmental groups can get a little out there...). Some day I will have to tell you about the time PETA stalked me for doing a workshop on squid dissection... Great job!
Thanks! It will take some time but we will add to the content offered there. Bottom trawling will be our base subject matter but I hope it will be able to cover all aspects of general ocean ecology and health going forward. I'm glad you're visiting!
Hear, hear, you also may want to add a link to my organization's marine ecology and resource management institute IMARES, devoted to developing sustainable fisheries and mapping the effects of bottom trawling amongst other things. A site should probably be on-line soonest, as this new institute has only today been announced :smile:

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