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Behavior among different octopus species


O. vulgaris
Dec 5, 2019
Would you say that that the different octopus species differ a lot in behavior?
-In this context I don't mean that most if not every individual octopus has a somewhat different character. I also don't mean by that for example that a giant pacific octopus may hunt more. I rather would like to know whether some species are more friendly or reserved etc. than others?
Hard to generalize given all the species, and need to consider "friendly" -- you mean toward humans? There are some general behavioral differences (such as nocturnal vs. diurnal), some bury themselves, and it would seem some shallow-water species may be a bit more "active" than those we see at extreme depths.
It is hard to generalize but giving it a shot, smaller species seem to be more recluse (but I had one of over a dozen dwarfs that was very interactive), diurnal and corpuscular less reclusive than nocturnal (but I have one VERY nocturnal that was super responsive to attention as long as you were around the tank at 3:00 AM). Possibly age of acquisition, personality and environment are more important (except for the very nocturnal animals) than species.

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