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blue ringed octos

HI Roy,

Interesting article. Your daughter had a very lucky escape! When I was visiting Hobart one of the researchers there had some in tanks (VERY secure lids!) & I remember thinking that the postures all looked very aggro.

I wonder if it's a size thing? We keep small Octis here (Dunedin NZ) They're in the Octopus complex (likely to be O.warringa ) and they are waaaay more inclined to bite than the bigger spp.

Just a thought....but I wouldn't ever keep a BR in a home aquarium.

Interesting read...and yes, I would only recommend keeping BR octos if you are doing research...having kept them before for a photo study, they really aren't that fun to keep, not at all like a bimac.
Jean brings up a good point...the little brown octopus that we collect now and again bites like crazy, in fact, will sometimes go waaaay out its way to do so...maybe it is a Napolean complex?
Cousteau commented on this while diving with o. dofleini in Puget Sound. He was quite happy that the giants were nothing like his hometown o. vulgaris in temperament; if so, they would be extremely dangerous. I've noticed the same thing with tiny dogs.


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