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Blue Ring Octopus to Purchase

Aug 11, 2003
hello group;
New here so please bear with me, I hope I'm not posting this in an un appropriate section....But I have been seeking one for some time now are they Illegal to purchase in certain states? who may carry them (which suppliers) if any...
you shouldn't really be looking into oneof these, i hope you know that they are venemous and it can be fatal, they are for the advanced aquarist's definetly not for amateur's, if you still pursue one you should be careful, i definetly would not advise this species to anyone, not even those with many year's of experience handling ceph's, I personally i'm looking for one but that will be in the near future, not at the moment, if you really are interested have a look here: http://www.dal.ca/~ceph/TCP/sources.html
also have a look here on info on the blue ringed octopus: http://is.dal.ca/~ceph/TCP/bluering1.html

i really think you should aim for a ceph like a bimac (you do want it as a pet only right?), they are wonderful creatures, the Octopus bimaculoides make the best octopus pets for the aquarist. They are really cool to handle with, they are readily available everywhere, they are extremely tame, they are good eaters, they don't get very big but do get big , also they don't have a tendency to escape.
check it out:
Hi Queen Mermaid, welcome to the forum

there have been many discussions on this subject in the passed so a read through the past posts will bring you up to date on BRO facts and figures...

Blue Ring Fans

Hello Group;
I appreciate your feedback on the Blue Rings and I do understand this is a subject not to be taken lightly....I shall look up olde post to see what info they all will hold for me,
Once again thank-you
:-) You'll find the Search feature is very helpful for this -- just put in "blue ring" and you should get several responses. If anything is left unanswered, by all means let us know!

And welcome to TONMO.com! :)
we are all here to get along, after all this is sorta like a surrogate family to me, we all understand each other lol.
We don't flame nor attack each other, unlike other forum's where it is just a bunch of spoiled brat's,hehe. :P
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