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Blue Ring - availiable

Mr aqua

Nov 8, 2003
Hello Everyone - i wanted to let u all know that i have a Blue Ring availiable. He guy was a hitchhiker in my live rock. I didn't know he was in there untiL my hermits and snails were being eaten. Captured the guy a week ago and placed him inside a container inside my reef. He's availiable to anyone what wants to buy or trade for him. Asking for 100US or trades in sps frags. Needless to say this is a deadly animal. This species of ceph has been known to KILL people who have carelessly handled them. Those who are experienced enough or know about these animals should be the only one considering this animal. You will be questioned by me so be ready. The guy is beautifuL tho, and he probably won't last long. I'm in So CaLi, prefer local trade but willing to ship. Good Luck!!
life span?

how long do they usually live?
I read that they live a max of two years, but from what everyone says, it seems otherwise. BTW, Glasgow is one of the favorite cities I have ever visited...3 times.
Every one I've seen shipped in is usually in a nice black bag of ink...dead.
Blue rings live up to 6 months but perhaps longer if kept in cooler conditions. What people read saying they live to 2 years refers to the normal or larger sized octos again if the temperature is a little cooler.
My LFS got a blue ring shipped to them accidentaly, they've been trying to get rid of it for a while; I can try to get you that one if you want but I doubt it will survive the trip from Minnesota to the U.K. if that's where you're located.

:welcome: by the way!
Nevermind, my LFS killed it, they flushed it down the toilet while it was still alive (that's what I've been told) because they didn't want it to hurt anyone while they were on vacation.
Man what A**holes!! How could they do such a thing :x Go kill their while they're on vacation :evil: No matter how dngerous it is, it does not deserve that kind or treat ment. guess thats how the octopus was found in the lake.
How much harm could the octo do if they just closed the shop. I wonder how they managed to flush it down with alll those suckers. When I tried flushing one dead cuttle, its feeding tentacles stuck on and i had to put some tissue paper on it the flush it again to drag it down. :wink:
Just a FYI, I went to this LFS which has stuff which are almost entirely captive bred. Among the non-captive bred ones was a blue ring octo selling for S$10, was a dull brown with real dark rings.
the blue ring i had was brought in by accident, it was supposed to be vulgaris of all things!!!

if it hadn't died that night i would have dispatched it myself, although in a more humane way than flushing!

i stand against their importation for all reasons mentioned
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