Bimac look a like


O. bimaculoides
Jan 11, 2006
Is there a bimac look alike that has the blue dot but is nocturnal. My octo is about 4 weeks old. He has come out once or twice. other than grabbing food. Has not grown and is generally lame as a pet.

It came from the Carribean that is all I know. Getting a picture would be hard due to the fact that this thing is a rock dweller.

The most likely species I can think of with eyespots from the Atlantic is hummelincki, but most people haven't found them to be too shy or nocturnal. Is it possible there's some other reason for this behavior, such as very bright lights, other animals, or that it's a female who has eggs? I assume "4 weeks old" means you've had it as an adult for 4 weeks, right? It's not too unusual for octos to take more than 4 weeks to be comfortable enough in the new environment to be interactive... if you're patient, it may come around on its own.
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