1. tduncan

    [Octopus]: Inky the Octopus hummelincki

    [Webmaster Edit]: For more context, see @tduncan's introduction. I thought I'd start with Inky's first good "baby photo". He was in his den most of the time during his first month with us; darting out just to grab some food. We placed a plastic toy one of my students brought in for him by his...
  2. IMG_0526.MOV


    This is my octopus I got in October of 2018. When I got him he was the size of a paper clip. He has grown into his home quite nicely :) Working on our hunting today! (Let me know if video did not upload)
  3. chipmunkofdoom2

    [Octopus]: Davy Jones - O. hummelincki

    Hi everyone. New member to the forum, not new to keeping saltwater creatures. I've kept saltwater tanks since 2007. I started working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore a few years ago and fell in love with our GPO Lola (who has sadly passed away recently). Ever since I first interacted with...
  4. Connor Gibbons

    O. hummelincki eggs

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting so I'll give a quick introduction as well. I am an aquarist at a local AZA aquarium in New Jersey. I've had a deep passion for cephalopods as far back as my memory goes and I've been fortunate enough to care for some of the cephs we house at our...
  5. Michael1717

    [Octopus]: Penelope - O. Hummelincki - Hello everybody.

    Hello, my name is Michael. I've been very interested in octopus for many, many years. About 8 months ago, I finally set up a 55 gallon tank for my two spot Caribbean named Penelope. I've had this octopus for about a month now, and it seems to be doing great! I hand feed her one to two snails a...
  6. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Shelby - O. Hummelincki

    June 10 - Jan 20 (7 Months) I missed out the last time KPAquatics had a hummelincki because of an unreceived email, THIS time I got the notice :grin: He was quite active during acclimation and escaped into the sink when I initially opened the jar (Philipp later told me that he was quite a...
  7. KA&KA

    [Octopus]: Pablo - O. Hummelincki First time First Octo

    Hello Ceph friends. After lurking for 4 months while our tank cycles we found an octopus. I am a nervous wreck and though I am confident it will be happy in the tank I am not completely sure we have it baby proof. It is from That Fish Place in Lancaster PA and its given ID is vulgaris though...
  8. Maya 2009/09 - 2009/12/20 Octopus Hummelincki

    Maya 2009/09 - 2009/12/20 Octopus Hummelincki

    Maya 2009/09 - 2009/12/20 O. hummelincki Wild Caught Female Eggs: 2009/10/27 infertile
  9. OhToo 2008/09/27 - 2009/02/20 Octopus Hummelincki

    OhToo 2008/09/27 - 2009/02/20 Octopus Hummelincki

    OhToo 2008/09/27 - 2009/02/20 O. hummelincki Wild Caught Male
  10. Octane 2008/01/22 - 2008/08/18 Octopus Hummelincki

    Octane 2008/01/22 - 2008/08/18 Octopus Hummelincki

    Octane 2008/01/22 - 2008/08/18 O. Hummelincki Wild Caught Male
  11. DWhatley

    Octavia - O. hummelincki

    Coming soon to an aquarium near me :sagrin:
  12. I

    ID Needed Please

    Hi Guys...I just got my Tank in and setup, when this little guy popped outta one of my rocks... Can you please help ID him...
  13. M

    My First Octopus

    I have received my new octopus. I was told it is a Briareus, but have not confirmed that yet. I started acclimation at 8:40am this morning. I took a few pictures, but I am trying to keep the octopus comfortable so I have all the lights off in the house. I used a flashlight app on my droid x...
  14. DWhatley

    Not O.Hummelincki but What Species is It?

    I particularily like this forum because it allows us to see different animals and study the various traits. Sometimes we don't come up with a good answer but at least the traits are noted and a second occurance of an unusual animal can be back referenced. At one time I really wanted to put...
  15. skywindsurfer

    My first O. Hummelincki

    I just got this little guy (or gale) a few weeks ago. I've been checking it out at the store I go to for water for my weekly water changes every time I went there. This animal was so pretty siting there changing colors and textures like a living kaleidoscope.
  16. skywindsurfer

    Can anyone identify this octopus for me?

    I know I've seen this species before but I can't remember what the species name is. Can anyone help?
  17. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Maya - O. hummelincki

    Acclimation time: 2 hours Arrival packaging Temp: 75.5 PH: 8.4-8.6 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 ppm Specific Gravity: 1.0225 GHolland posted a link to Live Aquaria's Diver's Den after sighting the availability of O. maya. This is the first time I have ever seen one offered and have wondered about its...
  18. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: OhToo - O. Hummelincki (filosus)

    OhToo (as in Octane II) came as a bit of a surprise. The diver/collector that found Octane for me heard I lost him and captured OhToo with me in mind because he was pretty sure OhToo was the same species (he does not normally collect octopuses). He was unaware that Ken (sometimes dive partner)...
  19. R

    Bimac look a like

    Is there a bimac look alike that has the blue dot but is nocturnal. My octo is about 4 weeks old. He has come out once or twice. other than grabbing food. Has not grown and is generally lame as a pet. It came from the Carribean that is all I know. Getting a picture would be hard due to...
  20. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: Octane - O. Hummelincki (filosus)

    As you can tell from the title (thanks Simple for a quick cut and paste :wink2:), I have decided that Octane is a mature adult, likely female and possibly after egg hatching :cry:. I am afraid I am joining AM and BigPapa (and others) with this one as it is immediately receptive to attention and...

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