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Jul 9, 2009
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So through D's awesome connection Philipp, at KP Aquatics, www.sealifeinc.net. I have obtained two of the smallest O.briareus i have ever seen!! Soooo cute! reminds me of little Legs when i first spotted her in the tank. Its hard to guess age but they are the at the stage where they don't have blue eyes anymore and they look 100% like tiny adults with adult proportions(arm:mantle ratio).

Both about the same size, i am guessing the mantle length to be about 1/4". I did not get an actual measurement but will as soon as i can.

I met Philipp about 30 minutes away from my house. He gave me the two octos, plus, thanks to D! A bag of octo food/treats containing various tiny crabs and hermit crabs. (score!)

Each octo was sealed in a bag with about a gallon of water and a hand full of Chaeto algae. I like the addition of the algae, it made releasing the octos very easy as they were not trying to cling onto the bag, instead they were clinging to the chaeto and i just dropped the whole ball in the tank. As soon as they both saw live rock in their tanks they reeeeeeeached out and pulled themselves to safety, borrowing in nearest tiny cave. :octorun:

Four hours after releasing them into the tank I have spotted one exploring his surroundings and cruising around quite nicely...:fingerscrossed:
oh yeah, One is on my 125 gal tank, and the other is in a 65 gallon tall aquarium.
The one I spotted was in the 65, finding the little one in the 125 may take some time.
You can thank me for the extra water (perhaps not the full gallon but I suspect inking and not enough dilution to have been the problem with the two last year and we have been experimenting on finding the optimum shipping solution for the little guys) and the chaeto suggestions. Where I did happen to mention that you were "special" :sagrin: the extra's were all Philipps idea. A DOA for a single animal costs them dearly since they do not charge the full shipping cost in their rates. Being able to hand deliver them eliminates the DOA and shipping issues so the extras are probably more related to the shipping method than to anything I said. I hope you got pictures but be sure to pick up the two in the availability thread to put in their journals.
LOL, they will be two of the four posted. K&P don't collect them with any regularity and almost always send me an email when they find one. Having 4 at one time is very unusual. There is a possiblity they went back to their collection spot and found others but I don't think so.

On think I need to post on Yeti's thread that I have been dragging my feet mentioning is that Yeti looks different from what I remember of Cassy and Tatanka. In my memory (no good photos) their mantle was thicker and arms shorter. I will post the rest of the thought in his thread.
I think there is an issue with showing the same picture in multiple threads. I have modified them by cropping so lets see if this works
Octopus behind door number 1

Octopus behind door number 2


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That's amazing!

I wish you luck raising this batch of octopi! The octo seems bolder than those at public aquariums (it's also common for some aquariums to have nocturnal octopi that only show their faces at 11 pm or so..)
It will be curious to see if my two week rule applies :biggrin2: (behavior noted in the first two weeks will not likely be the behavior that follows, especially interactive or unexpected exposure). Looking great!. The picture makes me even more suspicious of Yeti's true identity. This one's eyes and mantle look as I remember. Look at the no flash photo I posted on Yeti's forum tonight to see if you agree that his eyes look different than expected for O.briareus (or if it is just my imagination :roll:)

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