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Beggining new Tank, Need Help


Mar 28, 2004
Im intrested in starting an aquarium, Ive read about ceph care and maintaining a habitat. If anyone could help me out on the following questions it would be appriciated. Thank you

1.For the Common brown octopus, what would be the ideal temp for the water?
2.The pH lvl?
3.Is it safe to put 2 of the same species in the same tank together?
4.Will I need a heater or chiller?
5. If anyone has a list of their equipment would they be willing to post it so that I might have a rough outline to know what Im workin with?
6. Thank you :biggrin2:
First off :welcome:

What is a Common Brown. Usually it is a generic term. Way to many octos can be a common brown for me to answer most of your questions.

Where is the octo from, does your lfs know the species, any distinguishing marks??? We need to identify the octo you are looking at first.

May I suggest also you take a few to look at the ceph care maint. threads and equipt checklists threads and stickys.

GL hope to be of help. You came to the right place for your answers. :smile:
Octopus Bimaculoides

Octopus Bimaculoides is the species I am intrested in.
Not sure where its from exactly but ill look it up.
picture below :smile:
That helps alot. That pic is from octopets. Great place to get Bimac by the way!!!

You my need a chiller depending on where you live. Bimac are a cooler water species about 69F is where my tank is at.

PH is 8.2

Dont put 2 together IMO

You will need a 55 gall for this species.

Have you kept marine life before? Please take the time to read the equip checklist and ceph care posts. Our moderators have done a great job of info in there.
Thank you

When I was younger I had alot of fish, I was about 10, n i put an oscar n a black molly in the same tank together. Big mistake, the oscar ate the eyes off the molly, but it lived. We got rid of the oscar but kept the molly.
scales grew over the wounds n we had a blind fish for about a year or two.
I was gonna go to college for psych, but i think i want to go into marine biology.

I plan to do alota research before i actually get my octopus.
oh btw im from jersey
You may need a chiller depending on where you live, ideal bimac temp is 72 degrees F.
The equipment list floating around here somewhere, try the top of your screen at the Ceph Care part.....

:welcome: to TONMO!!

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