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New setup help


Jun 3, 2019
Washington state
I’m new to aquariums in general but want to work towards an ideal setup for an octopus in the next year or two. Does anyone have anything against the waterbox brand? I’ve looked at the 40.2 and the 50.3. I know they do not come with a lid I would fabricate my own but besides that would the all in one waterbox tanks be a good fit for a octopus?
I have never seen the Waterbox brand but looking at their website concerns me that they don't provide upfront information about filtration. It appears that this is an all in one with filtration at the back but my quick look found no explanation. In general, I recommend rectangular over square for the same water volume as octopuses do like to swim/jet for short periods and the cubes provide no room for this activity. Of the two you mentioned, the 50.3 is better but I worry about enough filtration in what I think the style provides.
Is there a specific aquarium that most people would reccomend? I’ve found all the information on the waterbox brand to pretty much be mainly on youtube the website does not give any good descriptions.
I don't think you will find an absolute choice for the box itself as most manufacturers make a quality product. One of the things I have found to be important is the ease of cleaning. This includes things like depth vs arm length, lighting fixture placement (again for cleaning considerations), sump (recommended vs an all in one) ease of access, clearance for a skimmer and water flow position (back vs side and clearance needed from the wall). Other considerations include weight (acrylic vs glass) to be supported by both the floor and the cabinet, type of lighting (programmable LED a definite plus. If you can find a light that gives you an all red option for night viewing it would be an extra positive feature).
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