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Baby Cuttlefish behevior?

Feb 15, 2008
My baby cuttle fish sits on the bottom of the net breeder and is not eating the ampdhiopds I am offering. Is this normal? I am trying to catch mysis out of my other tank but they're too quick. I can only catch about 15 a day.When should I offer him shore shrimp?
For the first month of two they don't move around that much - I assume thats a 'don't eat me' behavior.
When did the cuttle hatch? How big is it compared to the pods?
10 mysids a day for a single baby cuttle should be more than enough.
Sometimes I don't see them eat for the firs couple of weeks - they may be eating at night.

They can have shore shrimp when they are big enough. 3/4 of an inch or so. It will be a trial and error, if the cuttle isn't ready, it won't go after the shrimp.
I don't know when the cuttle hatched(see my other post)I am guessing recently because of his size.I gave him pods of all sizes. Some are almost as big as him. and some are as big as his tentacles.Will he wait to eat until I leave?
Whatever you do, do not stop offering more food. It may behoove you to remove what food is already in the tank and either re-offer that food, or offer new food. This is purely from my observations but some cephalopods seem to develop and tank-mate syndrome with prey items not eaten right away. These prey items can be removed and re-offered and the animal will go right after it. Perhaps it has something to do with the reaction of the prey item in that stressful situation, and once it is not eaten it is able to adapt to its new environment and does not display typical behavior of a prey item.... :grad::roflmao:

Cuttlefish and squid especially are very vision oriented in regards to predation so keep that in mind when offering food to it.

Good luck,

CephBoyBT;110813 said:
I don't know when the cuttle hatched(see my other post)

Link please!

I am guessing recently because of his size.I gave him pods of all sizes. Some are almost as big as him. and some are as big as his tentacles.

I agree with Greg about moving the uneaten food animals out of the tank - specially with hatchlings. But, don't stop feeding it!

Will he wait to eat until I leave?

Maybe, thats what the night thing I talked about last post was about. :smile:
CephBoyBT;110824 said:
Thank you guys so much.
If I ordered mysis from the aquaculture store.com tomorrow(Sunday) when would they arrived?Monday?

They probably wont respond to you until monday.

Try siphoning the mysids out of your tank with a tube. This is probably easier then a net.
I think Monday is a post office holiday this week, too. I don't know if it counts as a holiday for UPS, FedEx, and DHL, though.
The mysis from aquaculture store usually do just fine with 2 or 3 day shipping.
When you place the order doesn't necessarily have anything to do with when it gets shipped. I usually send an email asking when they think they will ship it - Sometimes an order placed on Monday doesn't ship till Thursday.
I emailed them and they said shipping on tuesday and get to me on thursday. I went and got a brine shrimp net today. I'll try that tonight. I still haven't seen him eat. The food goes right in front of him and he just sits there like he's dead.
My experience with priority mail shipping and mysids is poor. 3/5 times that I order they arrive dead. I get stryo and a heatpack but they still don't do well. My guess is that it's the cold weather here. You also should get them out of the bag right when you get them because I have had a batch of shore shrimp that were fine upon arrival die 5 hours later because of the NO3 in the bag. I opened up the bag and floated it when I got them so they would have O2 and when I came home they were dead :/.