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Baby A died today.

Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA
:cry: I didn't see Baby A at all today, so I kind of knew she was probably dead. Tonight after the kids went to bed, I started pulling up all the live rock. Her little body just floated up... We will bury her tomorrow. I had her 9 1/2 months, much longer than I thought I would. The boys look fine and are still eating.

Baby A was my favorite, she will be missed in this household...
So sorry for your loss. :sad: You had Baby A a long time, as long as we have many of our octopuses. She was a champion egg layer and her babies have traveled far. Her children will be the breeding stock for the NRCC, no small accomplishment.

RIP Baby A :cuttle: :cuttlezz: :angelpus:

at least you have alot of cuttles to keep you company, i have nothing, well thats cause im still trying to buy a tank. anyway i am so sorry for you. but you must move on, im sure she is eating hundreds of shrimp and crab in Cephy heaven. also i bet she is chilling with jerry the giant squid.

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